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Hello and welcome to my website!

Starting in high school, I took an early interest in photography, and fell in love with the art of capturing images, processing film and developing prints. That’s also where I had my very first taste of photography success. During my senior year, I won the VICA Skill Olympics in Creative Photography (Color Category) in 1984. I join our then high school “work program” that allowed me to work side by side with local journalist and photographers where I became a regular contributor to my local newspaper. I also dabbled in some wedding photography and portraits as well.

Now, before going on, I have to admit that anyone who knows me will tell you I have A LOT of hobbies (some call in ADD to the extreme – and yes, I have ADD!). Now back to the story.

During the early 80’s, Personal Computing started really taking off. Jeez, ANOTHER hobby. I found computers absolutely fascinating and was captivated (more likely consumed) by this new technology. My dilemma came with deciding what my career focus should be. I studied both photography and Business with and IT focus (no pun intended) and quickly determined that a steady pay check (i.e. “eating”) was better than “suffering for my art”… Yes, you can call it the path of least resistance.

So, I put down my beloved Nikon F3, sold off my studio gear and quit any serious photography.

Getting bored yet? Me too… Fast forward almost 30 years, I have had an extremely successful Information Technology career but never forgot my true passion for photography.

Now, with the vast amount of technology in today’s digital cameras, I can finally combine both of my passions of IT and digital photography. I've rediscovered the joy of creating images that simply weren't possible in the film days. This convergence has reignited my love for both.

During my early years in photography I was fortunate to have had several people that influenced me and provided guidance, support as well as a type of mentoring. This experience was invaluable to me. Today, I love sharing ideas and techniques and love helping new photographer improve their skills and understanding of this art.

As such, I've decided to start a semi-formal mentoring program. If you’re interested in getting a “leg up”, I’m going to be developing some programs for individuals or groups to help understand the basics of digital photography and provide personalized one-on-one support to a limited number of students. Whether you’re starting new or returning to photography, I hope to help you discover the joys of photography and to help you capture the best images you can. I’ll be posting the details on my site soon (hopefully).

I myself will never profess to be an expert because along with my ADD I may have a touch of OCD. I’ll never be satisfied and will always strive to create better images.

Feel free to contact me at DCieck1@Hotmail.com

I hope you enjoy my work and thanks for visiting my site.